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Brother Joe & Sister Gwen Salas has been visiting the rest homes for the elderly in Gainesville for many years now, and the Lord has used them to be a blessing to many of the ones that live there. Some of the elderly people at the rest homes don’t have friends or family to visit them, but on occasional Saturday's Brother Joe & Sister Gwen, along with some believers from various churches has a church service, with singing, preaching and praying for the elderly ones....

Ministery for the Rest Homes


My mom was a diabetic and my sister had been taking care of her at home until that was no longer possible. When she couldn’t take care of her anymore the only other option was to put her into a rest home. When we went to California to see her, some holiness people were following Amy around and asking her where she went to church. Her long hair had made them curious so she told them about our church.

The congregation of their church had a service at their home church during the mornings and held their afternoon service at the different rest homes for the benefit of the elderly. When the people came to the rest home my mom was in, they had services in the cafeteria. I asked my mom if she wanted to go hear them and she said no. After awhile she said I can’t hear them anymore, so we took her in.

I thought this was a very neat idea and the Lord put it on my heart to start a ministry. I had planned on starting one after returning to Georgia but ended up forgetting all about it. The Lord kept reminding me that I had said I was going to start a ministry at the rest homes. Bro. Branham always said, “If you are going to do something for God, you’d better do it now,” and that always stuck with me. Bro. George Canada was the first person to go with me. I told him that I can’t sing or preach but I can call everyone to go with me. We really have a good time when we go. If you’ve never gone, it is a blessing and will change your life to go at least once.

The elderly really seem to appreciate the time that we spend with them because they can’t get out and most of the time no one comes to see them. They always love it when we bring little children and sing. I can’t do it by myself, so I appreciate everyone that goes with me. We are all the Body of Christ. Some of us may be a finger, an arm, a leg, or an eye, but we are all one Body. May the Lord Bless someone by what we say or do. Below are some of the tracts that we hand out when we visit the rest homes.

God Bless you & Keep our work in your prayers
Brother Joe Salas

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Nursing Home Tracts
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