Over the course of the past year, have been working on a very special project, It’s called Messenger.For many years before her passing, Sister Rebekah (Branham) Smith, collected hundreds of photographs of Brother Branham’s life and ministry, intending to compile it all into a comprehensive photo album.

Picking up the outline of her work in progress, Believers International is pleased to share these photos – some rarely seen – with you. This book makes an excellent companion volume to Generation. It is the same 10x10 size, with over 120 pages printed in full color, and features more than 300 photographs.


*Inside The Messenger Photo Album







It is Believers International hope that these glimpses into the prophet’s life will deepen your understanding of the messenger, the message that he brought, and the Lord Jesus Christ that he represented, for, as William Branham himself said, “our theme and subject and our heart, and all that we have, and live for is Jesus Christ.”

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